How do you show stakeholders what your business is doing to support society?

There is a growing importance for organisations to demonstrate social purpose, to show they are acting in a manner benefiting society alongside the bottom line. Pennies from Heaven is an easy and affordable way for organisations to bring their workforce together and collectively improve the interests of society.


The Pennies from Heaven Social Purpose Quality Mark shows an employer’s dedication to support society and add value to the charities and communities it cares about. Working with Pennies from Heaven also generates a much wider impact than the donations a company’s charities receive. We are a Social Enterprise that wants everyone to be part of micro giving, so as more of you join the Pennies from Heaven family, all working together for the betterment of society, the deeper the social impact we have together.


How do you get the Pennies from Heaven Quality Mark? Only our Award winners can use this mark on their websites, ESG reports and other stakeholder communications. The Awards are given out each year to recognise employers that have high proportions of staff participating in the scheme. You can read more about the 2023 Awards here.

To find out more about the Pennies from Heaven scheme please contact us – we would love to hear from you.

Call or email the Pennies from Heaven office, or complete the contact form and we will get back to you.