We are a Social Enterprise trying to do good things to help UK charities

Imagine the difference we could all make to charity if everyone donated regular amounts of small change.

If we can encourage everyone to give a little, together we can all make a big difference to all the wonderful charities that exist. We want to see a million pounds a year (100,000,000 pennies) donated through the scheme (and when we get there, we will go for £2m!)

We are motivated by participation in the scheme, not by profits. Each employer pays a small license fees to not only cover the costs of administering the scheme but also to support us in spreading the word of Pennies from Heaven to others. Our employers realise that the scheme can achieve more by running it together than operating it alone.  As a Social Enterprise we are committed to reinvesting our profits into our business to enable the scheme to realise its full potential and social purpose.

Who would have thought that watching a Superman movie would generate a ground breaking idea for the charity sector…

The concept of Pennies from Heaven came from watching Superman 3! Richard Pryor, working as a computer programmer, realises that everyone’s paychecks are being round down to the nearest cent, so he begins diverting away those small amounts into his own account and uses it to turn into a world class super baddie! We decided that we could ask people to volunteer their pennies and use them to do good.

Pennies from Heaven is a small charitable company with five goals:

To spread the message

To share the idea of the scheme with all employers, pension providers and charities.

To make payroll changes easy

We campaign payroll companies to change core systems so that payroll costs are free.

To make set up and administration simple

We provide fundraising expertise, payroll guidance, artwork, online sign up and distribute donations to charities.

To connect employers

We cultivate a community of employers to share best practice, tips and tricks.

To recognise success

Our annual award scheme provides employers with an external recognition of success.

Meet the team

Scheme Administration

How Pennies from Heaven operates

Pennies from Heaven Distribution is a not for profit company limited by guarantee. The company is responsible for collecting the donated funds from an employer who is participating in the Pennies from Heaven Scheme and paying these to the selected charities. The company is externally audited each year providing employers with assurance of our credible donation processing.

To ensure proper governance Pennies from Heaven Distribution Limited is separate from Pennies from Heaven Fundraising Limited. There is no cross ownership between the two companies and the board of directors of each is completely independent of the other with no cross directorships. A legally binding agreement defines the respective duties of each company under the Pennies from Heaven Scheme.

Pennies from Heaven makes it simple for charities to receive donations by distributing funds on the employer’s behalf. Pennies from Heaven distributes the donations to nominated charities in accordance with instructions. This includes providing employers with an audit trail as well as the charities for the reclaim of Gift Aid from HMRC.

The board of Directors, Pennies from Heaven Distribution Ltd

For further information on Pennies from Heaven Distribution Limited, please contact:

David Atterbury-Thomas
Pennies from Heaven Distribution Ltd
The Studio, 2 Boreli Yard, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7NU.

Email: distribution@penniesfromheaven.co.uk

Registered Number: 03931760 (England & Wales)
Registered Office: The Studio, 2 Boreli Yard, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7NU
Auditors: Sumner & Moore. Camberley.

To find out more about the Pennies from Heaven scheme please contact us – we would love to hear from you.

Call or email the Pennies from Heaven office, or complete the contact form and we will get back to you.