• The Pennies from Heaven 2015 Award winners are announced.
    This year we have given out 35% more Awards and participation in the scheme is up by 20%. Well done to all our winners.
  • Simply donate the pennies from your payslip.
    Earn £850.34 then you keep the £850 and donate the 34p to charity. The most you can ever give is 99p each time you are paid.
  • Pennies from Heaven is the UK's largest penny giving scheme for employees and pensioners.
    To date it has raised over 300,000,000 pennies for charity.
  • “Pennies from Heaven will really help to make a difference to the lives of people affected by cancer."
    "It’s is a fantastic way for companies to raise money for charities, it is quick and easy and once all of the pennies are put together they soon make pounds."
  • The Children’s Society have received over 15,000,000 pennies from the scheme.
    “It is a fantastic fundraising tool. If we all gave a few pence on a regular basis just imagine the enormous change we could make to vulnerable children’s lives.”
  • “We made the process to sign up easy and the creative engaging and edible!”
    Chocolate coins have encouraged 38% of Capital One staff to donate their payslip pennies to charity.
  • Setting up Pennies from Heaven on Oracle and SAP systems is free.
    The scheme is also operating on most other UK payroll systems and set up costs are minimal.
  • "I feel there are only winners with Pennies from Heaven."
    "It is such a fantastic idea to take something of such insignificance as the odd pennies in our pay, and turn them into something so important - helping to improve the lives of people in need."
  • NFU Mutual, the UK’s leading rural insurer, joined in 2014.
    Following a very successful launch, NFU Mutual now has over 800 member of staff signed up.
  • 56% increase in employees taking part.
    In the last four years 56% more people have joined the scheme. Sign one form, one time and your payslip pennies go to charity every month automatically.
  • Six times more popular than Payroll Giving.
    The average sign-up to the scheme is 18% - most employers offer both types of scheme so that everyone can be involved in giving though pay.
  • 85% of people want their employers to do more for charity.
    Most people would like to do a little more for charity and feel like they are making a difference.
  • “Every penny raised goes towards running our life saving service".
    "Pennies from Heaven is simple to operate with lots of individuals giving a little amounting to a lot for us - and we benefit from gift aid, what could be better!”
  • 51% of Motor Insurers Bureau staff have joined the scheme.
    The Pennies from Heaven scheme is successful because it offers such a practical and easy way to give and it involves regularly donating small amounts rather than one large sum” Ashton West. Chief Executive. MIB.