Proof that pennies really do make pounds as hundreds of charities benefit from Pennies from Heaven

Few would question the dedication of NHS staff during this recent health emergency. From cleaners, to catering staff, porters, back office administrators, nurses, health care assistants, registrars, paramedics, doctors and consultants – NHS staff are going above and beyond to keep us safe and well. For many years these same staff have also been supporting charities by donating the pennies from their monthly pay via the Pennies from Heaven scheme.

Pennies from Heaven offers charities a regular and reliable source of funding. If you earn £850.34 you keep the £850 and donate the 34p. All staff give to the same charity so that the pennies soon turn into pounds.

116 NHS Organisations run Pennies from Heaven with 50% of them supporting their in-house charities providing vital funds to help the NHS do more. NHS staff donations have risen by 13% in 12 months as more people join in.

“It’s incredibly special to know so many Trust staff see the benefit of having a charity which supports the hospitals, and who feel moved to support us by making a monthly donation. “Of course, we’re always grateful for every donation, but having a regular source of income like this helps us plan for the future. We’re so pleased the Pennies from Heaven scheme has been and continues to be successful.” Donna O’Reilly. Manchester Foundation Trust Charity


“As an NHS organisation who is committed to supporting our national Charity Partner, MIND, we are very pleased to have achieved a Pennies from Heaven Bronze Award. We’ve incorporated registration as part of our welcome day for new starters which has helped to increase our participation in the scheme and actively have Charity Representatives in our centres to support colleagues with joining. We will continue support a national charity as a continued priority,and will make Pennies From Heaven a part of that process.” Graham Bowditch. NHS Blood and Transplant


“I met Pennies from Heaven at a national conference and immediately saw the fundraising potential for our nominated charity of the year. Personally, being able to regularly donate the odd pence from my monthly salary is easy to set up and I benefit from knowing I’m contributing to a good cause. It’s the gift that keeps giving for the benefit of both sides.” Lorraine Hutchings. Membership and Stakeholder Engagement Manager. NHS Resolution


“Pennies from Heaven is a very versatile scheme to offer people as they can support a specific appeal or fund of a charity. It is simple and straight forward to set up and gives a range of people the opportunity to give to charity.” Louise Cook. Fundraising Manager

To find out more about the Pennies from Heaven scheme please contact us – we would love to hear from you.

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