Pennies from Heaven is simple to understand, simple to join and most importantly affordable to all. Pennies from Heaven is about team based workplace giving, everyone can join in and be part of the success because donations are never more than 99p a month. That is one of the reasons why our participation rates are three and a half times that of Payroll Giving.

mib_logo_2016_rgb (Copy)“We are committed to supporting communities, and Pennies from Heaven provides businesses with an effective way to do just that. We are very proud that almost 50% of employees donate each month. By giving our people the opportunity to pull together and regularly support our chosen charity, Pennies from Heaven has helped make us all feel part of something really meaningful.” Ashton West, Chief Executive Motor Insurers Bureau. 44% of Motor Insurers’ Bureau staff participate.

Some of the benefits to running the scheme include:

Provides a way for all staff to give through pay
The UK workplace is undergoing a fundamental shift from both supply and demand side. People are earning less money and more than a quarter of UK workers are now part-time or flexible. But just because you earn less doesn’t mean you care less. As the workplace changes the choices for donating through pay must also change to meet the needs of this diversifying workforce.

Pennies from Heaven is simple to set up
Most major payroll systems are already running the Pennies from Heaven so modifications to payroll systems are minimal (ask us for details)

Pennies from Heaven is simple to communicate
Pennies from Heaven provide tailored communications for you such as application forms,  flyers, posters and website materials.

Pennies from Heaven is simple to join
Employees / pensioners complete a short form once and then deductions automatically happen on every payslip. It is effortless for donors and effortless for charities. Sign up can be done via our website.

Pennies from Heaven is flexible
The scheme can be adapted to fit the needs of your organisation be it the number of charities, the frequency of donations, the amount being donated and even the name of the scheme!

Pennies from Heaven sign up can be done online via this website
We can offer a limited amount of employers online sign up for staff / pensioners via our website (ask us us for details)

It is complementary to other forms of Payroll Giving and fundraising activities
Most employers running Pennies from Heaven also offer Payroll Giving demonstrating their distinct appeal. With donations of just a few pence Pennies from Heaven appeals to everyone regardless of earnings – just because you earn less doesn’t mean you care less. As more of the workforce moves away from full time hours employers want to offer a range of ways to donate through pay to include all employees.

vocalink“We have over 50% of our employees donating the pennies from their salary every month through the Pennies from Heaven scheme. Those that want to donate more or be more specific about where their donation is going, sign up to Payroll Giving.” Debbie Lombard – Director of HR and OD, VocaLink.