Pennies from Heaven is a simple concept. Employees net pay is rounded down to the nearest pound with the pennies donated to charity. Earn £850.34 then 34p is donated to charity. Charities are chosen by the employers mostly in conjunction with employees. The scheme can also be offered to pensioners.The most you can ever give is 99p every time you are paid. If just 10% of the UK workforce signed up £24m would be raised for charity every year.

 “…Let’s all do something little and together make a big difference to charities…”

Because donations are small all staff can be included in giving through pay. Pennies from Heaven is a way to give regularly, in a structured and tax efficient way to charities complimenting all other fundraising activities undertaken by staff.

Pennies from Heaven is the largest micro giving scheme for employees and pensioners in the UK. The team has 20 years experience in fundraising and to date the scheme has raised over 520,000,000 million pennies (Feb 2020) for over 265 charities.

Major employers offering the scheme include Aldi UK, Bank of England, Barclays, HSBC UK, Cadbury Schweppes, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Lloyds Pharmacy, LV=, TNT, Smiths News, WHSmith, many UK Councils and over 100 Trusts from the largest UK employer the NHS.

“…We are a Social Enterprise trying to do good things to help UK charities…”

Imagine the difference we could make to charity if everyone donated regular amounts of small change to charity. If we can encourage everyone to give a little, together we can all make a big difference to all the wonderful charities that exist. We want to see a million pounds a year (100,000,000 pennies) donated through the scheme (and when we get there, we will go for £2m)

We are motivated by participation in the scheme, not by profits. We charge members small license fees to not only cover the costs of administering the scheme but also to support us in spreading the word of Pennies from Heaven to others. Our members realise that the scheme can achieve more by running it together than operating it alone.  As a Social Enterprise we are committed to reinvesting the majority of our profits into our business to enable the scheme to realise its full potential and social purpose.

Despite tough economic conditions the scheme continues to buck the trend in charitable giving:

More companies joining –  30% increase in companies offering Pennies from Heaven in the last 4 years.
More money raised – 30% increase in donations 2017-19.
Fast processing – 80% of donations received by the charities within 30 days.
More employees joining –One in four 2020 Award winners have participation over 40%
Popular with staff – three and a half times more popular than payroll giving.
100% of donations via PFH are eligible for Gift Aid (subject to declaration)
No fees to charities.

“…Everyone gives a little but together the team makes a big difference to a charity that matters to them…