Download a Pennies from Heaven guide above. For NHS employers click here to download a NHS Guide.

barclays“Why is Pennies from Heaven successful? The application process is extremely straightforward, the minimal administration is appealing to the thousands of people who take part and with deductions never exceeding 99p, it is a small commitment on our employees and pensioners part” Barclays was the founding member of the Pennies from Heaven scheme starting in 2000. 31% of staff participate in the scheme along with many pensioners.

How can your company join the scheme? Firstly contact us so we can talk you through the scheme and understand your needs. There are 8
general steps:

  1. Obtain a license from Pennies from Heaven to operate the scheme.
  2. Choose the charities you want to benefit.
  3. Discuss payroll software implications. We have worked with most of the UK payroll software providers and can eliminate many high set up costs for you.
  4. Create artwork for communications and sign up forms. We can provide this service.
  5. Launch scheme to employees not forgetting newcomers and pensioners.
  6. Flag participating employees on your payroll system.
  7. Collect the pennies centrally and transfer to Pennies from Heaven Distribution at the end of each month. They will then collate/transfer donations to your chosen charities within 39 days and provide you with quarterly audit trails. 80% of donations are received by the charity within 30 days.
  8. Once a year we ask you for a report from your payroll system with the names of participants and sums donated which we will match with our records of funds distributed to your charities. We will process this and send to your charities enabling them to reclaim Gift Aid from the Inland Revenue (additional 25%)

What will it cost?
PFH will agree a modest fee for it’s services – this can be either an annual direct charge (meaning 100% of donations are distributed to the chosen charities) or a small deduction from donations. PFH donations are eligible for gift aid. which means that the charity, after reclaiming gift aid, will receive more than the original donation even when a fee is deducted from donations.

Some of the services provided by PFH include:

  • Assistance with payroll modifications
  • Fundraising consultancy to maximise popularity of scheme
  • Provision of HMRC approved sign up forms
  • Charity Helpdesk
  • Design of tailored marketing materials
  • Sharing of best practice / advice
  • Gift aid assistance
  • Access to online sign up.
  • Charity support management
  • Distribution of donations by Pennies from Heaven Distribution, a not for profit company limited by guarantee. This company is accordingly audited annually.

How can I get more information? Please contact us