cruk“Pennies from Heaven is a fantastic scheme as it allows people to make a real difference to our work, without having to make a big difference to their bank account. As a charity, 90% of the donations we receive are actually less than £10, and this is a perfect example of how little amounts can go a long way. It’s marvellous that something so easy and simple can ultimately help us to save lives. Sooner or later we will find cures for all cancers. Pennies from Heaven are helping us to make it sooner.”

maryannevans“Mary Ann Evans Hospice are delighted to be one of the nominated charities of Warwickshire County Councils staff and pensioners to receive Pennies from Payslips amounting to £158,000. Pennies from Heaven is a fabulous project and such a good fundraiser. It gives a feel good factor to the donors and shows pennies do make pounds for very valued good causes. Every suitable sized company should be involved and make a difference in the community.”

More and more charities are contacting Pennies from Heaven to ensure their corporates know about the Pennies from Heaven (PFH) scheme. PFH offers a new way to provide money to charity with meaningful sums, on an on-going basis. It costs charities nothing to obtain these funds as Pennies from Heaven works directly with employers involved. With take up rates of up to 84% and an average rate of 21% charities can generate significant, regular, new funds Pennies from Heaven should be part of the fundraising discussions you have with your major corporates. For more information please see our charities page or contact us.

Key Facts:

  • Three and a half times more popular than payroll giving
  • More companies joining – 30% increase in companies offering PFH in the last 4 years (2015-2019)
  • More money raised –30% increase in donations 2017-19
  • More efficient – 80% of donations received by the charities within 30 days
  • 100% of donations are distributed to the benefiting charities (where a license fee is paid)
  • No cost to benefiting charities
  • Charities are chosen by ’employers’ and all staff give to the same charity.
  • Donations via PFH are eligible for Gift Aid (subject to declaration)

Did you know that other UK charities are raising new funds by asking their own staff to donate to their charity via the Pennies from Heaven scheme? Mencap raise over £1,300 a month from their staff Pennies from Heaven scheme.

mencap“Pennies from Heaven is one of the easiest ways for staff to raise vital funds so we can continue to support people with learning disabilities in the UK. Our staff already give us lots of their time above and beyond the call of duty, but they are truly committed and passionate about our work and donating their ‘spare’ payslip pennies is another, great way to contribute to our cause. Mencap staff help raise over £1,300 each month which is fantastic and we are extremely grateful for this.”

Some of the benefiting charities to date (in no particular order):