We are pleased to announce that the 2018 Pennies from Heaven Awards are now open for entry.

Entry is free and open to every Pennies from Heaven member and provides the perfect platform for you to showcase, and gain recognition for the outstanding contributions you have made over the past 12 months. Use your Pennies from Heaven Award to show how your employees and pensioners have made valued contributions to the charity sector and stand out as shining examples of best practice to the rest of our community.

Enter here

All we need to know is the number of employees / pensioners in your Organisation and we will calculate your Pennies from Heaven participation rate. Click on the button below or email kate@penniesfromheaven.co.uk

Entries close on the 20th February

Awards are given as follows: Bronze Award for 10% participation, Silver for 15%, Gold for 20% and Platinum for 40% participation*.

Here are some of the comments from previous winners:

“We are very pleased to see that staff participation in the Pennies from Heaven scheme has risen from 15% to 21% in the last 12 months and are equally as pleased to be receiving our first Gold Award. We have made it very easy to sign up to the scheme by including Pennies from Heaven in our new online benefits platform. Staff are now able to join the scheme when selecting their benefits package or at any time during the year.”

“The Pennies from Heaven scheme is a wonderfully simple yet powerful way for people to show their support for a vital cause. In effect, you make a difference without noticing the difference.  And once it’s drawn to people’s attention, they wonder why they never thought of doing so before. That was shown when, with a deliberate campaign, we really boosted our contribution through Pennies from Heaven to our chosen charity for the year.”

You can read more testimonials here.

*Participation calculated using the three month donation average on last three donation payments paid to charities in 2017. If less than three payments received then average calculated from those. It is assumed a 50p average donation per month per employee. Entry into Awards only where employers provide Pennies from Heaven with staff numbers.